Sprintr Story

We want events to be great from start to finish, by using the best event technology to drive innovation and create meaningful experiences at every step along the way.

We facilitate easy and innovative event experiences. Technology evolves at an incredible rate, and many event organisers, exhibitors and sponsors don’t have the time to uncover the detail of every new innovative solution out there. But we do. Our team will discover which event solutions will work best for you, so you don’t have to.

We’ve scoured the globe for the best solutions for event organisers everywhere. We are a curator of event tech, a broker of connections and experts in implementation. With expert knowledge and an abundance of industry experience, Sprintr will match you to the right solution and get your event up and running… fast!


The Magic of Events

We believe in the power of events to spark innovative ideas, strong bonds, and life-long memories.

Treasure Hunters

We believe in the pursuit of discovery to uncover the latest innovations, understand them, and translate them for event organisers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Constant_Improvement-01 (1)
Constant Improvement

We can always do things better or different to constantly improve our service and efficiency.

Puzzle Pieces

At our heart, we are problem solvers; we listen, learn, and find the right solutions for our client’s needs.


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Chris Schlueter
Director of Business & Innovation
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Alisa Shtabskaia
Project Manager
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Cathy Bell
Project Manager
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Chris Bowden
Project Manager
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Catriona Sienes
Project Manager
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Chris Tran
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Lachlan Maclaine
Project Manager
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Mitch Gaal
Director of Sales
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