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FCM Meetings & Events engaged Sprintr to work on a recent public trade show, which saw attendees travel to Sydney Showgrounds from across Greater Sydney to connect with trade suppliers.

With over 5,000 attendees registered, this event called for first-class crowd management and efficient service to create a smooth check-in process.

The Solution

Sprintr uses detailed insights and analytics to make smart decisions about the arrival experience. Data from previous events of this kind showed that a midday peak was likely. This equipped the FCM and Sprintr onsite teams with the information they needed to plan ahead. 

Effective crowd control measures proved essential to ensure a smooth flow of foot traffic to the check-in area. While passing through the line, attendees were asked to have their QR codes ready for scanning, speeding up the process and negating bottlenecks.

“Having Sprintr staff on hand to guide attendees through the process ensured that when they reached the kiosks, there was a simple ‘scan and go’ movement” commented Chris Schlueter, Director of Business & Innovation at Sprintr. 

At the event’s peak hour, Sprintr saw 989 attendees through the doors. Scanned, badged and set on their way to the event floor in just 3.6 seconds. 

“Checking into an event is the first point of contact your guests have on-site and it’s vital to provide a great experience to set the tone. Sprintr’s experience managing large crowds at exhibitions gives us the know-how to manage these high-pressure situations.”

“Sustainability is high on our agenda. We’re proud to say every attendee at this event was wearing a badge made from biodegradable paper, so we’re doing our part for the environment.”

The Client Perspective

“This event attracted a huge crowd and is another example of how in-person occasions are bouncing back over and above what we could have expected – there is certainly no sign of the sugar rush slowing down – meaning it was an excellent outcome for our client, said Simone Seiler, General Manager, FCM Meetings & Events.

“The Sprintr team worked with us to ensure we moved everyone through quickly, meaning we could focus on the other event elements, leading to a stand-out event for our client that everyone was able to enjoy with minimal fuss.” 

We look forward to working on the next one 🏃

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