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One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how do we better engage and connect with our delegates?’ One way is by maximising your event app.

When used fully, event apps give your delegates an easy, accessible and interactive way to connect and engage. 

Here are 6 ways we recommend maximising engagement with your event app.

1 Interactive programs

Gone are the days of printed program booklets and detailed handouts; instead, we are utilising technology to do what the printed materials used to do, but better! It’s a win for the environment and a win for delegates. Event apps have huge capabilities to upload documents, images, videos, and make your program come to life for your delegates.

2 Live Q&A and polling

Sessions, speakers and hosts can make use of live Q&A and polling options. This is a great and easy way to interact with your audience. From asking questions related to the session programs, to fun titbits such as ‘does pineapple belong on pizza?’, this feature is a great tool for creating interactivity and can also be a great source of information and content for you.

3 Gamification

Gamification is a fun way to engage your delegates and increase participation. It involves adding games or competitions with a goal to inspire, collaborate, share and interact.

It works by providing directives and feedback through game mechanics – this could look like a scavenger hunt with points or activities an audience can complete that impact mutually shared goals.

4 Push notifications

We are all familiar with push notifications, so having them enabled in your event app can remind your delegates about an upcoming session, networking function, highlight or when they have an appointment.

These are a great reminder tool and ensure your delegates don’t miss any of the elements of your event that they really want to experience.

5 Forms

Streamlining the delegate experience from registration to post-event surveys, will leave a great lasting impression of slick professionalism. Pre-filled forms or QR codes can make the exhibitor and delegate experience simpler and memorable for all the right reasons! Forms are about carrying relevant information through the whole experience, tailoring the delegate experience and not bogging delegates down in the admin of attending an event.

6 Individual and company profiles

The “who” of your event is important and can add great value for your delegates. Individual and company profiles on your event app can facilitate connections and enable your delegates to plan their event experience – who they want to see and connect with, book appointments and reach out to exhibitors.

Event apps enable your delegates to create a tailored experience that works for them and you. We have developed a Sprintr App and partnered with the best of the best for the latest technology. If you’re looking for the people who can take your event to the next level fast, give our friendly team a call.

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