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Constantly on the lookout for more sustainable solutions for your events? So are we.

The key benefit of the Sprintr event registration kiosks is that they print name badges on demand. So you’re reducing paper waste simply by using them (since you’re not printing any badges that won’t get used).  

We’ve been working hard to source more sustainable badge solutions and we’re pleased to have some great options you might like to consider for your next event.

Here are three sustainable options for your next event…

1.  Biodegradable butterfly badge

Sprintr stocks ‘butterfly’ badges which are two-sided full-colour badges made from mostly recyclable and biodegradable materials.

These badges don’t require a plastic pouch, however are still nice and robust for multi-day events.

They’re the ideal solution for sustainably-minded event organisers.

2.  Eco-friendly lanyard 

Branding attendee lanyards is a great way to boost exposure for your brand, sponsors or event. However our team recommend event organisers use lanyards with longevity in their branding. 

For example, we suggest you don’t make them specific to a particular year or one-off event. That way, you can use them for multiple events over a number of years. Just make sure you collect them post-event. 

Sprintr supplies a range of lanyard types, including ones made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo.

3.  Badge recycling bins 

Sprintr supplies badge recycling bins to each event free of charge.

The cardboard bins are usually placed at the registration area or exit with clear signage to encourage attendees to drop in their badge upon departure.

The bins are designed to collect the badge itself as well as lanyards which are then reused or recycled.

Keen to learn more about Sprintr’s sustainable badge options? Get in touch now.

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