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Has the famous KonMari method for tidying up inspired you to be more selective with the items you place around your home and in your wardrobe? 

How about the products and services you use to organise events? She sure has inspired us. 

If your event registration solution doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to switch to Sprintr.

Like the KonMari method, Sprintr has developed its services around simple and effective products that make the onsite registration process a smooth and joyful experience.

Clean up your event registration with these three simple steps:

1. Ask yourself; does manning a registration desk spark joy?

We’re certain you have better things to do than man a registration desk. Like seeking out conversations with your VIP guests. Or making sure your presenters have arrived and are prepped for the opening session.

It’s 2019. Sprintr’s technology offers self-service badge printing. Focus your time on other things.

2. Do away with all the clutter

Trestles, pre-printed name badges, clunky printers. There’s no need for all that unsightly clutter.

As Marie would say – thank them for their service, then let them go.

The Sprintr kiosks are designed for a specific purpose. To get delegates through registration with speed and efficiency. And for you – affordably. But their aesthetic is like nothing else on the market. They’re sexy. And first impressions count.

3. Be mindful, introspective and forward-looking with clever data analysis

Tidying up isn’t a one-off adventure. It’s an ongoing process and requires a lot of self-reflection and monitoring. So too does registration.

With Sprintr’s technology, you can monitor new registrations and arrivals live – right from your own device.

See who’s showed, who hasn’t, and track attendee movements for training purposes or to see which sessions are most popular.

Use that data for reporting, for ROI, and to improve for next year. We all need to look at how we’re performing every once in a while to remain progressive.

Learn more about Sprintr’s event registration kiosks here

P.S. If this is the first you’re hearing of Marie Kondo, just Google her name and revel in her sweet, infectious joy. You’re welcome.

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