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In the fifth of a series of articles, David Preston of Realise joins Sprintr for a review of the future of event registration.  

This article first appeared on Conference News.  

Engaging sponsors to partner with your event can be an excellent way to connect your audience with relevant brands, associate your brand with innovators and earn additional revenue.

If you have an attractive event concept or an exclusive target audience attending your event, there is a lot to offer potential sponsors. This means that your sponsorship pitch should position your event as an opportunity for sponsors to increase their brand exposure, interact directly with target audiences and drive website traffic.

The good news is an effective onsite registration and badge collection area offers the perfect opportunity to tempt potential sponsors. Here are just a few ideas.

Interactive kiosks

The onsite registration kiosks offered by Sprintr are most likely the first thing attendees will see when they arrive at your event.

This can provide an opportunity for a registration sponsorship package which can support brand exposure via logos and visuals on the kiosk touchscreens, as well as custom decals with sponsor branding.

Name badges and lanyards

The Sprintr name badges can be printed in colour and can be single or double-sided. The name badges can also be customised, which allows you to include attendee details and even add in logos and graphics.

Custom lanyards are also available. To avoid additional waste, try and reuse your lanyards for multiple events. This is a good option if you can sign a sponsor for more than one event and it will appeal to those who want to increase their green credentials.

Event apps

When using the Sprintr event app, there are countless options for sponsors to engage directly with their target audience. You could package the entire event app for one sponsor or share it across multiple sponsors, with each one being allocated with a feature page.

If offering the full app to one sponsor, their branding could feature on the splash page as you open the app, a dedicated icon on the home page, or as a clickable banner which takes you to their page.

If multiple brands are sponsoring different parts of the app, each speaker could be sponsored by a different company and their logo can be displayed within that speaker’s page.

Or perhaps the activity feed can be ‘brought to you by’ a sponsor, with the opportunity to share a welcome message and targeted posts. It could even send push notifications to attendees, which can direct them to targeted sponsored content.

Using the app’s in-built gamification feature, you can reward attendees with points for visiting sponsor booths or their in-app page.

In truth, the opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

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