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Sprintr has partnered with Cambridge-based event tech firm ExpoPlatform to bring virtual expos to our clients around the world.

Since the world has been hit with restrictions on events and trade shows as a result of COVID-19, Sprintr has seen a huge uplift in demand for online event solutions.

We’ve had many conference organisers enquiring about virtual services and alternatives to live events – in particular looking for ways to engage with their stakeholders and continue to provide networking opportunities, facilitate product exchanges and connect buyers and sellers in the current climate.

Sprintr is excited to have partnered with ExpoPlatform – a Cambridge-based event tech firm – to bring a virtual expo platform and associated online products to our clients around the world.

This intuitive platform allows you to conduct a virtual trade show where visitors, exhibitors and sponsors can ‘meet up’ to exchange information, introduce new products and generate leads.

The platform leverages advanced data analysis and machine learning algorithms to provide personalised experiences to visitors and exhibitors alike. It’s ideal for a standalone expo or can be used to compliment an existing online conference or even a live or hybrid event.

The product is modular and flexible, so it can be configured to match your specific event needs.

Read on for an introduction to some of the main features.

 Online networking & matchmaking


One of our favourite things about the platform is the online networking experience it provides for attendees before, during and after the event with business matching and appointments being an integral part of the system.

The online meeting system enables event attendees and exhibitors to engage with each other in virtual meeting rooms. This module can be integrated into purely online exhibitions or conferences, or hybrid events.

The online meeting system supports video conferencing to any number of attendees, thus providing a comfortable virtual conference experience. Based on the suggestions offered to the attendees, they can choose to request personal and group meetings or register themselves for sessions that match their interests.

The business matching functionality automatically suggests relevant connections to visitors. Matches are based on answers to registration questions and usage statistics and are produced by machine learning algorithms based on anonymised matchmaking data across all events where the platform has been deployed with this module.

The matching algorithm is initialised using registration data and learns over time based on interactions between users. The matchmaking system can also receive expert domain knowledge directly from the organiser in the form of filters.


Exhibitor profiles & appointments

Each exhibitor has a microsite inside the platform that contains their description, relevant team members, an interactive product catalogue, and any documents they wish to make available to others.

Exhibitors get a detailed breakdown of who has interacted with their microsite and how. Examples of interaction include meeting requests, product likes, exhibitor favourites and profile browses.

Additionally, exhibitors get notified whenever a visitor expresses interest in their microsite via in-platform notifications and email.

Exhibitors, visitors and speakers can exchange messages and schedule appointments with each other from any part of the website. When scheduling appointments, the system automatically checks which timeslots are available to all those involved before a request can be sent. Once sent, an appointment request may be confirmed, cancelled or rescheduled by the receiving party. Changes to appointment statuses are sent through push notifications and email.

The platform presents recommendations to visitors for relevant sessions, speakers, exhibitors, products and more, as configured by the organiser. In order to make users aware of what tools are at their disposal, the system will contain an automated but customisable educational campaign tool that explains how to use the system as well as its benefits to all participants.

The system tracks which users have already engaged with which tools and tailors the campaign to stay relevant for each person.


Custom event website

Build a beautiful, responsive, SEO-friendly website for your virtual event using pre-configured templates with loads of flexibility for customisation.

Elements include an easy drag and drop builder, intuitive CMS, custom form builder, custom URL, HTML/JS support, data capture and gated downloads and custom email domain.



The analytics tool gives event organisers excellent insight into attendee’s interests and behaviour as well as comprehensive data to drive sponsorship.

Exhibitors receive detailed profile analytics including leads generated online.

You’ll also see smart reports and charts, multi-event data, payment and invoicing reports, session activity and speaker popularity, and meeting rating and status reports.

These are just four of the many useful modules that can be included in a virtual expo package tailored to suit your conference or trade show.

To find out more about Sprintr’s virtual expo services or request a demo, contact us today.

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