Hello - We’re the new Sprintr, all shining and new and raring to go for 2022 - Sprintr

You may know us at Sprintr already.

It’s likely you’ve checked in to an event using one of our kiosks or joined a virtual event via one of our platforms.

Perhaps you’ve navigated an event using one of our apps, you may have even used our services for one of your own events. So, hello, we’d love to show you around the new and refreshed Sprintr of 2022. 

It’s been quite a couple of years, hasn’t it? One upshot from COVID (pun intended) is that we’ve taken the time to reflect on our industry and the changes and challenges it has faced, and thought about what our industry, clients and event attendees need from their event tech in the digital, hybrid and face-to-face event world. 

We have done a lot of research, scoured the globe for the new and interesting, and come up with a refreshed offering we think the industry needs now – we believe it is a mixture of the ‘sage’ – bringing the wisdom and the experience to the table, as well as a dash of ‘magic’ the special sauce that makes events special. 

And so, we introduce to you a refreshed Sprintr with a new vision and direction for the New Year.

When you think about the new Sprintr, think about an intelligent, tech-lover, who can communicate well, lead a team and make things happen. Someone who can add value to your event, who will be generous with their knowledge and connections, but who will tell you the truth about what is possible for your event (and perhaps not always what you want to hear!) 

But mostly, as someone who loves events, who wants them all to be great, and will work alongside you to find a solution that is a  win-win-win. A win for you, a win for your guests and a win for your partners. 

What can Sprintr do for you? 

Technology evolves at an incredible rate, and many event organisers, exhibitors and sponsors don’t have the time to uncover the detail of every new innovative solution out there. But we do. Our team will discover which solutions will work best for you, to facilitate easy and innovative event experiences.

Whether your event is online, face-to-face or a mix of the two, we’ve scoured the globe for the best solutions for event organisers everywhere. We are a curator of event tech, a broker of connections and experts in implementation. 

We want events to be great from start to finish and we do this by using the best event technology to drive innovation and create meaningful experiences at every step along the way.

Meet our team here and ask us how we can get your event up and running… fast!

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