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Event technology had its largest growth period in 2020 – 2021 with new opportunities and innovations to adapt to the changed event climate, this allowed new creative technology to take to the stage in the form of digital and hybrid events.

Hybrid is here to stay. Companies and associations have engaged a larger national, and in some cases international, footprint and diversified revenue streams by servicing greater numbers. This will stay. On-demand content from events will also be more important to new revenue models.

That’s why Sprintr has partnered with two of the world’s best virtual event platforms – EventsAIR and ExpoPlatform – to help you create an engaging digital experience.

From simple hosted streams or pre-recorded content to complex multi-day, live-streamed events with many concurrent sessions and exhibitor marketplaces – our team of technology experts will help you navigate the platform and ensure your event is delivered seamlessly.

Here are our top three myths about hybrid events:

Myth #1 – You can’t create an engaging digital experience

Creating engaging experiences in a digital and hybrid setting is challenging, you need to think of the event as its own program – face-to-face attendees are having a networking break, great, but what are the digital attendees doing?

It’s not enough to simply stream the sessions; it’s about creating the same positive experiences as soon as digital delegates “step through the door”. Use technology to interact and connect your digital audience with live Q&A’s, Emcees, polls, virtual breakout rooms and games.

Myth #2 – Technology isn’t smart enough

Technology has come a long way in the last few years with new innovative solutions for reaching and connecting with consumers digitally. We’re beyond Zoom and simple chat functions, and the digital experience is no longer an afterthought. Virtual event technology can utilise person-to-object matchmaking software, including audience engagement tools and market-leading platforms for your community to meet, connect and do business year-round. Multilingual software can even help bridge language barriers.

Myth #3 – It’s too hard and expensive

It is too hard and expensive, if you do it wrong! However, if you plan to have a hybrid event from the get-go, the process is much simpler and can be worked into your overall event budget. With the right team supporting you, a digital element to your event can be as simple as downloading and using an app or installing a software so all your event communications can be streamlined.

Our experienced team at Sprintr can work with you to bring together the latest event tech solutions, recommend and implement the latest in event tech and find the right solution for you and get your event up and running… fast!

Ask our team about the latest event technology and how we can support your hybrid event.

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