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When it comes to delivering a COVID-safe event, the first place to start is registration.

As we navigate our way through a post-COVID world, one thing is certain: live events are an essential part of
marketing communications for any business. As useful as they are, no amount of virtual conferences or online meetings can fully satisfy the need for humans to come together, in person, to connect with, learn from and inspire one another.

Delegates are eager to attend live events again and event organisers are all too keen to facilitate this in as safe a way as possible. For many, the safety considerations start with event registration. Here’s why a contactless event check-in system is your best bet.

1. It’s COVID-safe

Freestanding event registration kiosks like those offered by Sprintr are fitted with QR code scanners, allowing for a completely contactless check-in experience.

Delegates simply scan their unique QR code at the kiosk using their own mobile device and are immediately checked in whilst their name badge automatically prints in seconds.

This way, delegates avoid touching the kiosk and do not need to come into contact with any staff. The kiosks are also portable which means they can easily be set 1.5 metres apart, allowing delegates to socially distance at all times.

2. It’s fast

While live events often intend to attract large numbers of delegates, it’s important in today’s climate that people are
not encouraged to gather closely together in large crowds.

Traditional registration desks can create long queues as delegates arrive and wait to collect their name badge. Alternatively, the speed with which contactless check-in kiosks can print badges and process delegates means there are no long lines or crowds gathering in the registration area.

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3. It provides real-time data

A key benefit of this registration technology is its ability to capture live attendance data. Each scan at the kiosk live syncs back to the registration system, providing secure data as to who has arrived and when.

At any point in time, event organisers can check their event registration dashboard to see how many delegates are in attendance. This is particularly useful for adhering to venue capacity limits that might be in place.

The kiosk technology can also be used in conjunction with attendee management or session tracking apps to give a clear picture of delegate movements in and around the venue in real-time.

Sprintr offers all of these safe, fast and clever technologies through a suite of integrated platforms that can help event organisers achieve their objectives and get back to doing what they love. Find out more.

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