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Choosing an event registration system that is both COVID-safe and offers you a robust set of features is one of THE most important elements in your long list of event planning must-dos.

Now, more than ever, it is extremely important to track attendance at your events. As part of any COVID-Safe operating plan you must be able to record the details of those who attend your events in person. While this is fairly standard for most business events, it will become a vital and non-negotiable operating requirement for events in future that you won’t want to mess up.

Whether you’re planning a hybrid event, a corporate event for 100 or an exhibition for 1000, ensuring you can manage the event registration process effectively will set you up for success.

One particular event registration solution that we love is Sprintr by AV1 – it not only looks great, but it offers a bunch of features that means you’ll be rocking the rego process and impressing clients and guests alike.

To help you understand just how life changing investing in an integrated event registration system can be, we’ve pulled together the top five reasons you need to allocate budget for it at your next important event.

1. Present a professional and seamless guest journey before, during and after your event

 If you want to ensure your event is deemed successful, then you need to look the part!

By investing in an integrated event registration system that allows users to register online, receive reminders and notifications about the upcoming date, you’ve already made a great impression before they set foot onsite.

Once they arrive you need to make it easy for them to enter the event AND you need to present a professional and friendly welcome.

This is where a lot of online registration platforms can fall short – sure it’s easy to sign up and receive the event details, but when attendees get to the event their experience is often less than satisfactory. Long queues, a tangle of pre-printed name badges or worse, a volunteer faffing about trying to get their phone app to work on the limited WIFI available.

Investing in a professional event registration system that takes the process from online registration right through to check-in is a no brainer.

Sprintr by AV1 is the only of its kind that offers beautifully branded registration kiosks that allow attendees to self check-in on arrival. The system integrates with all online registration systems or you can utilise their own.

event registration system

2. Accurately track RSVPs and attendance to better manage your event

We’ve said it before – using an Excel spreadsheet to managed your RSVPs is for the dark ages (circa 1990-something). Get with the data revolution and use the power of an event registration system to collect the details you need to plan and manage a successful event – fast and efficiently!

Here are a few things you can track electronically with event registration software:
– allocate timed entry
– dietary requirements
– accessibility requirements
– conference program options
– onsite attendance (this is particularly useful information that can be relayed to F&B, cleaning and security teams in real time)

Luxexperience event registration system

3. For better security, health and safety

An event registration system can play an integral part in your event security plan. From ensuring only registered guests gain access to the event, to monitoring numbers onsite and protecting any data collected – you need to work with a registration system that understands the importance of event security.

With a system like Sprintr, at any point in time during your event you can log into the software and see exactly who has checked-in to your event.

You can choose your preferred settings to allow attendees to only gain access to the event with a pre-determined unique QR code – i.e. a person can’t simply walk in and say they are someone else and collect that person’s badge. With the app’s attendance tracking feature, you can see who’s in what session and when.

It goes without saying that as well as supporting security on the day, all the information gathered is also extremely useful should you need to contact trace post-event.

And, you’ll be glad to know Sprintr’s software, systems and processes meet world standards for data privacy and security.

Event Management Bot

4. Sustainable events are crucial

Event planners need to be looking at every aspect of their events and exploring ways to make them more sustainable. Using an event registration system with on-demand badge printing is an easy win.

Here are a few ways Sprintr helps towards your sustainability goals:
• Only print badges for those who show up
• Various badge varieties that don’t use plastic
• Using an event app over a printed handbook saves loads of paper

5. Effectively re-market your event and improve for next time

At the end of the day, when the last delegate leaves, the job of your event registration system is not over. Now it’s time to put the data you collected to work!

With a system like Sprintr you receive a report post event to help you evaluate and improve for future events. See who registered but didn’t show up, or see who registered on the day last minute – information like this can be extremely useful in re-marketing the event for next time.

If using the Sprintr App’s attendance tracking feature, see which sessions were the most popular, or evaluate feedback provided in the app. All of this data can be used to help your event grow and improve.

Final note

There aren’t a lot of event registration systems that offer the extensive suite of features that Sprintr does. Their sleek kiosks that you can customise with branding add a new dimension to the registration process, helping to seamlessly integrate your event registration software to your friendly and professional onsite welcome.

Using an event registration system like Sprintr is not as expensive as you might imagine and the time and energy you’ll save will be well worth the investment. Once you make the switch to an integrated event registration system, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in something sooner!

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