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Is it time to centralise your event communications? 

Event apps have been around for over a decade, their popularity strong with new features and capabilities added each year. They are a great solution to reduce waste, and a versatile tool for planners, exhibitors and attendees to connect, engage and navigate any event. So, what’s the challenge when working with event apps? 

Like everything else to do with events, apps require thoughtfulness and consideration during the creation to ensure they are a meaningful tool for attendees or organisers. 

As a communications tool, they can be used to replace a printed handbook, to enrich experiences with activations, enhance attendee engagement, improve navigation around the show floor, or foster connections between attendees.    

Here are the top 4 questions we commonly get asked about event apps.  

Q1. Are event apps complicated and expensive? 

Definitely not! This might have been the case ten years ago, but today event apps are a useful tool that connect into your overall event plan to enhance the experience for your delegate, client or exhibitor. There are many options, so ask the Sprintr team to help you choose the right one for you. 

We can offer event apps from various suppliers which range in features and functionality and provide different types of insights into an audience, that work with every event budget. 

Q2. What can you customise on an event app? 

You can completely customise event apps including the ability to change all of the colours to suit your brand, icons, and functions. Depending on your budget and supplier, the breadth of functionality and customisation is endless. 

Here’s come examples of a customised app we created for Events Uncovered done recently: 

Q3. Is an event app just used for one-time only? 

Not necessarily, apps used for your event can be incorporated, managed and updated to continue to be used throughout your year. This might include special forums, webinar interactions, AGMs or more. 

Once you’ve had an event app created in your brand, how you want to use it, is completely up to you.

Q4. How can apps be used for digital or hybrid events? 

Event apps aren’t only for face-to-face events. They are a great tool to include in your virtual events, whether it’s walking them through a virtual exhibition space, having a forum for discussions, private messaging, live Q&As and polling, or even for managing your gamification options or competitions. 

Event apps and their functionality have come a long way and can create more insights via smartphones than ever before. 

As smart phones get smarter, the app technology will continue to evolve, making them a useful and integrated part of your event. The future design of event apps will depend on the demands of the user experience; the focus of which ensures a practical, seamless, and easy to use platform for audiences to navigate. 

If you’re interested in finding the right technology for your event app, Sprintr have you covered. As the curators of event technology, our team can find the best solution for you and your budget. 

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